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STM - automation of courts

"STM" is a system of technical management

for the organization, planning and monitoring of the maintenance of the ship, ship systems and mechanisms.

The system monitors the presence and movement of spare parts and consumables. In addition, the shipowner has a complete and systematic information about all systems, machinery and equipment installed on the vessel.

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 30 days of using free
  • Compatible with all popular browsers
  • Continuous improvement of the functional of the program


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    Easy to operate

    A distinctive feature of STM from existing similar systems is a simple interface without loss of functionality. This system does not require special training to work with it, it is enough that a person could work in the office suites such as MS Word and MS Excel.

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    Automatic error checking and common directories

    The presence of common to all users automatically updated directories eliminates the risk of input errors.

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    Efficiency and control mechanisms for maintenance

    The system allows you to monitor the implementation of each mechanism, maintenance service, and what and how each mechanic does (or does not) on the ship.

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    Increase the speed of the office staff

    The program allows you to increase the speed of the office staff due to the possibility of simultaneous work with several computers connected to the local network.

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    Working without a permanent connection to the Internet

    Short-term connection is only required when sending data.

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    Safety, security, logging

     Running the program requires a password that restricts access to the data. Also has a log of events. All information created in the program enters into a single database and will forever remain there. In case of data loss on your computer, they can always be recovered.

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    Expense Tracking

    Takes into account the expenditure SZCH during maintenance, fix the cost of work and attracted artists. The system allows accounting and cost allocation according to budget.

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    Reduce the number of cases of equipment failure as well as its downtime

    Planning of maintenance and repair on the basis of the calendar service, developments, technical condition or a combination thereof. Improving the efficiency of maintenance personnel.


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